[MV] Motor Pool forms

Dave (b52d@southwind.net)
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 20:55:53 -0600

Hello list,

I am trying to find sharp, clear copies of form AF Form 1800, APR 87 or =
older, or its Army equivalent. Form is called ""Operator'' Inspection =
Guide and Trouble Report (General Purpose Vehicles). Also form GPO 1984 =
0-421-526 (220) also called STANDARD FORM 91 REV 11-76 OPERATORS REPORT =
OF VEHICLE ACCIDENT. These are forms used in the vehicle log books for =
recording vehicle checks and maintenance activities as well as a =
standard accident report form. Anybody on the list out there active =
military that might be able to scan and send me these forms?=20

Also looking for a good source for side curtains and doors for an =
M151A2. =20

As always, thanks to the list for the wealth of knowledge to be tapped.

Dave & Donna Brubaker

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