Re: [MV] GPW s/n's: stars? what stars?
8 DEC 97 11:27:50 EST

Hi All,
A correction on my earlier post and a question (or 2).
I checked GPW71349 and there is a single star (sorry Mick) after the number
so the s/n looks like this:

7 1 3 4 9 *

Questions regarding the holes in the front of the frame just behind the
angled cutoff. Now that I've got the plate and angle from the plow frame off
I'm grinding/sanding the frame to original. The well meaning @&$#!^%&! that
did the job welded through the hole to the backside of the plate he used. I
need to know the correct diameter of the hole so I don't open it too far when
I remove the old weld junk on the edge. Also; is there supposed to be a
smaller hole about 2" or so farther back along the frame or was he just
careless when he torched the bumper gussets? It's on both left and right
sides in the same spot.

Dennis O'Connor
Naugatuck, CT, USA

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