[MV] MB Engine block wanted - finder's fee paid

Todd Paisley (paisley@erols.com)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 22:56:59 -0500

I am looking for a MB engine block with a serial number within a few
thousand of MB-46XXXX. Any engine close to this serial number with a 8-19
casting date is what I am looking for. (The engine number is stamped on a
raised oval section on the passenger side of the engine near the front top.
(behind where the oil filter is mounted). The casting date is the first set
of numbers near the bottom of passenger side of the engine block a couple
inches above the oil pan. It should be in the form XX-XX.) Engine block
can be in any shape. Rusted, cracked, seized, rat nests and snakes are OK.
Finder's fee paid to anyone who helps me obtain one. Any help would be
appreciated. Check out those old engines!

Todd Paisley.

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