[MV] WC53 ( Modified) Front End Gears

waliczek (waliczek@swbell.net)
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 19:36:05 -0600

Hello again all,
It seems that I only surface when I need help. The front end gearing was missing
from my vehicle when I purchased it, however I have been able to buy a complete
front end clip. Housings, axeles, third member, gears, hubs, drums, wheels and tires
for a remarkable $100.00. My question is:: do you recommend changing out just the
gears, or should I jack up the truck again, removed the entire front end, and roll the
new front end under it and bolt it up.The front end is a duplicate( externally) of
what is currently on the vehicle. If I remove the gears only from the case, will they
fit into the original? I realize that I will have to rebuild the break system on this
new front end, but hell, I am fully experienced at doing that now :-) . Last question..
What is the best way to determine what the gear-ratio of this front end is that I

Many thanks

Tom Waliczek
Kansas City, Kansas
WC 53 ( Mod)

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