[MV] Magentic fuel savers

Andreas Mehlhorn (a.mehlhorn@t-online.de)
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 10:06:40 +0100

Hello list!

It's interesting to hear that those "magnetic fuel savers" were
offered worldwide. Here in Germany they were offered periodicaly
every few years. Unleaded regular gas costs here US-$ 3.50 per
US-gallon, so people look how to save fuel.

The dealer tells that those "fuel savers" will decrease fuel
consumption and increase engine performance. This is absolute
nonsense. The best news is that these "magentic fuel savers"
don't damage the engine. There were some other "fuel savers"
which leaned the mixture. They decreased the fuel comsumption
a little, but damaged the engines.

"Magnetic fuel savers" can't work, physics is against it. You
can do with the orientation of the molecules in the liquid petrol
(gas) whatever you want, when the mixture is in the cylinder and
the spark comes, the molecules are vaporized and in a very different
state. They can't "remember" what has happened in the fuel line.
(If've studied mechanical engineering, specialised on combustion
enigines, at the Technical University of Braunschweig.)

So keep your hands off these "fuel savers". Save your money and
spend it for a new air cleaner, a new or rebuild carburettor and
a well maintained ignition system. This keeps your fuel consumption
of your engine as low as possible.

Regards from the country with the expensive fuel,

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