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>Slick 50
>I have always run Slick 50 in my V8 engines, have never had any
>problems because of it: I believe it has twice saved me from a seized
>engine when hoses have burst and the engine has failed, but still
>have a few doubts.
>In the documentation it says that you must not use metal funnels
>or tubing etc., when applying Slick 50 to a vehicle as it will adhere
>to the container rather than the engine. Once applied the
>engine/vehicle must be started and run for a minimum of 1/2 hour
>I believe this to be the major downfall of this product as the makers
>claim it has been 'electronically charged' to attract it to the metal
>in the vehicles engine, then the swaging process takes effect once
>the vehicle is started. So why does it not head straight for the sump
>and stick to it and not go any further?
>How did you get it into your bevel boxes etc., without it taking too
>long before you had the vehicle mobile and especially as the swaging
>process is supposed to occur as a heat/pressure event.? I would like
>to use it but on the same token have no desire to replace 4 bevel
>boxes and hubs should it be a disaster.

as I said in my previous post, I used another brand of PTFE additive in
the Ferret hubs. I ran the vehicle for a couple of miles before heading
off on a scheduled journey, which brought the boxes up to a good temp.
I then poured straight from the container. After which I set of
straight away.

>> 'Molybdenum Disulphide' (probably misspelt), I have been
>specifically warned off about using this in the Ferret as I am told it
>is totally incompatible with gear oil. I am told to do so requires a
>total disassembly and clean out of all traces of oil: Australia did
>have some Ferrets that had been converted to "moly" and these had the
>hubs painted white to signify the fact and that oil was not to be
>Does this sound correct?
>What can you tell me about this stuff?

very little Doug, except that it is sold as an additive to oil ! I do
not have any experience of using it myself. Do you remember the
demonstrations they gave at all the major car shows in the 50's when
first brought out ? They had a small tub full of it, and a steel wheel
spinning with a weight putting pressure on another piece of steel
directly on the wheel. These were running throughout the whole show
with no apparant signs of wear on either component, and very low heat
dissipation (the measure of friction). I don't know if you remember, I
also once quoted my experience of the French Foreign Legion..... only
using grease in the hubs on the Ferrets they used in Chad and Mali
(central north Africa). I am fairly sure that it was 'graphite grease',
which is pretty much akin to being the same stuff.

Colin Brookes
Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS)

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