[MV] re: M38 carburetor ... Magnets

Sun, 14 Dec 1997 15:58:12 -0500 (EST)

Alan wrote:

>(sites) relating to those magnetic thingamabobs.
>Needless to say, after reading them I'm still as skeptical

Thanks! These kind of companies (selling various types of snake lubricant)
are interesting and usually amusing...

Now if only I could find a "Magic Magnet" to attach to the side of my M38's
Carter YS carb to make it stop acting crazy!

Thanks to "Jeepobsession" I was just out in the driveway in the freezing cold
trying to solve my "rich mixture mode" problem. Well, it is no longer a
"mode" it intermittantly gets into -- now it is always uncontrollably rich
(idle mixture screw completely ineffective). Interestingly, I noticed that
if I close the crankcase ventilation lever, it gets worse, which seems to
confirm the rich mixture suspicion (turning off the crankcase vent would
somewhat reduce the amount of air getting into the manifold, if I understand
correctly). Similarly, if I yank the vacuum line loose so that air is
rushing into the manifold, it gets slightly better.

I took the horn off the top of the carb again, looked and cleaned, and
adjusted the float to 3/8" rest from the top (a guess on my part) but it
still runs poorly yet looks normal compared to the one exploded-view drawing
I have. I guess I just have to be patient and wait for my rebuild kit to

Oh, by the way, I found and ordered a little book from Portrayal Press: the
"Carburetor Service Guide" for the M38. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that
it will be helpful. It better be at 55 cents a page!

Steve Johnston


"Jeepobsession" -- a new fragrance by Cavin Willys.
Smells like 90-wt gear oil leaking onto a garage floor.

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