[MV] start up procedure on a M 725

Rob Wierenga (rwiere92@calvin.edu)
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 17:21:23 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,
In the next week or so I plan to make an offer on a '67 M 725 that I have
a lead on. It hasn't been run in a while, so I was wondering what the
collective wisdom of this list would suggest doing before trying to fire
up the old tornado six. Naturally a check of all vital fluid levels
(coolant, oil, brakes) and some fresh gas (in the tank good enough or
would it be advisable to go for the carb?). If it would be wise to send
some gas down the carb. anyplace in particular I should aim for or just
dump it down.
The other thing is I don't think the current owner has ever had it running
so probably won't know the start up procedure (non keyed ignition), does
anyone out there know the start up procedure (what switches to through
etc.)? The vehicle has a few cut out switches on the dash (don't remember
how many) and a push button starter switch on the floor (similar to the
one on the ford tractor that's at home). As memory serves there are two
push button switches on the floor boards (one for ignition and other for
high beams?) which would be the one for ignition. also which switches (on
the dash) do what, some but not all are labeled.
Batteries should be wired in series (+ on one to the - on the second,
the - on first to vehicle ground, + on second to ignition set up) for the
24v system, is that correct?
any advise on this would be appreciated, last thing I would like to do
would be buy it and immediately fry the electrical system.
also not to put a rush on things but any advice before weds. noon would be
most helpful since after that time I am not going to be able to get online
until after the new year.
Thanks to everyone for your time (again)
Rob in Mich.

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