[MV] M151A2 Fire Extingisher

Joe Baker (edc@tiac.net)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 11:15:00 -0500

The fire extingisher for the M151A2 depended upon what was available
through the supply channels. In my experience with a Cavalry Troop in
Germany and with the National Guard in the States, I have seen a variety
of extingishers used. Most of them looked very much like the
extingisher you would find at your friendly neighborhood auto parts
store. I don't recall having the extingisher mounted for fear of theft,
rather it was carried in the tool compartment or in a field box in the
back of the jeep. Myself I carried a footlocker that was stocked with
spares, radio spares, tools, toilet paper, pens, paper, and anything
else that I had found a need for in the field. It was easy to put in
the jeep and easy to remove once back in the motor pool. Another
modification was a 50 cal ammo box with speakers and an am/fm cassette
player that found its home between the front seats, but then that one is
not in the Field Manual.
Joe Baker
Major, Infanty USAR

formerly of the 2nd ACR, Bindlach, Germany

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