Re: [MV] Gas is good, propane is better

Jim Davidson (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 18:17:27 -0800

>Since we are on the fuel subject, and at some point the prices are going to
>go up to an outrageous level, has anybody out there converted their MB/GPW,
>WC or other WWII era vehicle into propane power? Does anybody out there
>have any idea of how to do this? Does anybody think this is a worthwile
The factors to weigh are these (imho)

What's the price (oops! Did I say price? Sorry! :)) A gallon of propane has
a lot less energy (I think about half) than a gallon of gasoline. So, you
gotta carry more.

The tank is pressurized. heavy. needs to be inspected... Special carb...
fancy fuel control system... ARGH! big $$$!

Now for the good side: The inside of a propane powered engine is clean
enough to eat on! It burns very clean, and leaves very few deposits.

JIM :}

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