[MV] M-151 Fire Extingishers

Joe Baker (edc@tiac.net)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 21:55:27 -0500

I dug into a pile of old TM's I have kept for reference and found TM
9-2320-218-10 for the M-151 series of vehicles. The dash 10 as they
were referred to by the troops states the following regarding the fire
extinguisher for the M-151 (all models):

"2-18 Portable Fire Extinguisher.

a. Description. The portable fire extinguisher used with vehicles is a
hand-charged, dry chemical, 2.75 lb. (1.25 kg), valve grip lever type.
It is located in a bracket mounted to the left rear fender body panel
directly behind and to the left of the driver's seat and can be used for
electrical, fuel, oil, canvas, and rubber fires. On M151A1C and M825
vehicles, it is located on the left front fender."

The M 151A1C and M825 were versions that mounted a 106 mm recoilless
rifle and later versions mounted the TOW Missile launcher.

The Fire Extinguisher was part of the items added at the unit that were
included in the "Additional Authorization List" detailed in Appendix C
of the TM. Also included on the list were the 5 gallon gas can, the
pioneer tools, tire chains, ambulance items (when appropriate) and the
warning device. The NSN for the Fire Extinguisher was
4210-00-889-2221. The Fire Extinguisher had to comply with Mil Spec
MIL-E-52031B, and included the mounting bracket. As I said earlier the
supply system provided a number of different models that all complied
with the Mil Spec but would appear different types.

Hope this helps. As a former Battalion Motor Officer, I always chewed
out drivers who didn't have the appropriate TM with their vehicle,. for
the M-151 series that would include TM 9-2320-218-10 (for the vehicle)
and TM11-5820-401-10-1 (for the radio system). One can not do proper
maintenance on the vehicle without these TMs...

Joe Baker
Major, Infantry, USAR

Formerly of the 1/2 ACR, Bindlach, Germany

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