[MV] WWII U.S.Army Driver Manual (TM 10-460)

Gerry Zell (puccini@erols.com)
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:42:35 -0800

OK, I have a really nice WWII Army drivers manual 4 x 6 inches tan with
a picture of a CCKW on the front and it has the original cut out drivers
certificate still inside the front cover. 108 pages, with the caption
"War Department, May 6 1942" on the first page.

I'm offering it to the best bidder by Christmas. I say best bidder
because I'll accept things other than money . I have an M-37 and can use
stuff for it. E-Mail me at "Puccini@erols.com". Of course I do accept

Merry Christmas,
Gerry Zell

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