[MV] M37 Parts For Sale

Dan Schultz (tiny@silcom.com)
Tue, 16 Dec 97 22:46:02 -0700

Here is a list of things that I got with my truck that I now realize
are spares and am actually quite anxious to sell them.

One PTO Winch with power take-off and driveline
One stock M37 4spd Tranny
One stock M37 2spd Trasfer Case
One windsheild frame
One radiator, core eaten out but tanks good
One stock M37 exhaust manifold
One stock M37 fuel pump
One set of transfercase shifters
Two dodge 318 bellhousings
One dodge 318 4 barrel intake manifold
Two dodge 318 exhaust manifold

If anyone is interested lemme know and we will discuss terms, price, ETC.

-Ryan J. Geyer-

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