[MV] Propane Fuel Systems

SHamil0725 (SHamil0725@aol.com)
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:40:10 EST

I had a propane fuel system on my 250 Chevy pickup for several years. It is an
excellent fuel. The system consisted of an 80 gallon steel pressure tank in
the bed, a large pressure hose to the regulator under the hood, and the
propane attachment on top of the regular carburetor. There was a electrically
operated switch that allowed me to switch between the propane system and the
regular gasoline system. Users recommended using gasoline occasionally to keep
the carburetor gaskets from shrinking, and of course the gasoline system was
always ready as a reserve. Oklahoma requires the purchase of a Flat Fee Tax at
about $50 per year to pay the road taxes that the propane dealers don't
collect. I think that any propane dealer could direct you to someone who
installs propane systems. Since there are systems available for most truck and
tractors and some cars, it should be possible to find a system for many MV
applications. A car tank and some tractor tanks are much smaller than my 80
gallon tank, but its location is still an issue. Propane is an excellent fuel
and is extremely clean, both inside and outside of the engine. I never noticed
any loss of power using propane. I quit using propane when my regulator
started leaking and propane prices went 50 cents above gasoline prices.
Usually propane is up to 50 cents below gasoline prices. Unless propane prices
stay lower then gasoline and unless you have room for a large tank, I don't
see any real advantage to the propane systems (except for environmental
advantages). You could hold out for a CNG compressed natural gas system. Most
Oklahoma cities have service stations have can refil CNG systems.

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