Re: [MV] 25mm Hotchkiss AT Gun

John Champlin (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 15:35:44 -0800

Scott Parker wrote:
> My apologies, if this is a little off topic, but I figure you guys have
> the best shot at answering my question...
> A friend of mine is restoring a French 1934 Hotchkiss 25mm anti-tank gun.
> His question is ... what is the correct color? Since it was made, it
> was used by the Finnish, and apparently painted a dark kelly green. He
> wants to restore it to the original French colors.

If the original user was the Finnish Army, then he may wish to keep up
the value of the piece by restoring as a "Armeia Suomii" piece from the
original unit of issue, especially if it goes back to the Russo-Finnish
War. The Finns are realy nice about helping serious restoration efforts
of former Finnish Military equipment for at least part time public
display. They might even send him a unit T/O extract for info on how it
would be moved and crewed.

John Champlin

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