[MV] Scripted Ford Bodies

Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:25:57 CST

I am asking for anything with scripted body Fords, between 35xxx and up
please send me the following information: Serial number, Date of
Delivery, and Hood number. I am very curious of incomplete information
out there as well. Also, any data derived from photos of Scripted Fords
will work as well. For instance, I have a book with a photo of a
scripted Ford with the serial number on the back, which I added to the
data base--I have around 60 so far. I will post to the list after
relatively complete.

As I posted last week, my scripted body is #48315 chassis number. Mine
appears to be a pretty high number. Army Motors has one with a 40xxx
number recently. Maybe if I get enough data it might make a litle more
sense--although I doubt it--never hurts to try.

I have pretty much determined mine was delivered 16 Jul 42. I base this
on Robert de Ruijer's list showing #48305 and #48332 being produced on
16 Jul 42. It seems logical mine falls in between the two serials, and
should be the same day.

If anyone knows of who owns #48305 or #48332 I wouldn't mind the owners
to see if theirs are scripted, as well as other details. I know it is a
long shot--but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Thanks to all the people who responded to my eariler post, and please
scan your photos for additional evidence. Maybe together we can crack
this mystery of when the last scripted body rolled out of the factory.

Tim MVPA #18313 (as of today)

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