Re: [MV] Politics and religion

Colin Brookes (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:22:26 +1200

In message <v02140b02b0beb4800fc4@[]>, Mick O'Farrell
<> writes
>_Surely_ a more appropriate analogy could've been found to illustrate the
>meaning of the phrase 'Unproven that it does not'.
>And OK, we all stray off the MV subject now and again (I'd be 'proven
>guilty' of that), but this is something different. Given the probable
>diversity of opinions out there, I'm sure that if all List members were to
>post their political views, MV discussions would end fairly suddenly.
>Mick O'Farrell
>Miss J - '43 GPW/mb
sorry Mick, it wasn't intended politicaly. It was the closest analogy
that I could think of, that is well known through most parts of the
world through it's high profile publicity. The object being to show
that the antics of the legal bods in any particular country, has no
bearing on the reality of us mv users elsewhere. I live in New Zealand
and am not aware of a well publicised parallel I can use from here.
Politics intentionaly or otherwise often enter the list. After all the
thread of discussion regarding the TV company making a film 'The
vehicles that won the war', based only on a list of US vehicles is an
insult to the rest of us, and suggests that only the US was in WW2. I
am sure however that this is only lack of thought not malice.

regards and happy mv'ing over the festive season from the land where we
have Xmas at the beach with a barby...


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