Re: [MV] The Cheap Mechanic- Differential Overhaul Update

JASON GREEN (the_server_sucks@HOTMAIL.COM)
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 07:04:38 PST

I have had good luck with using a Dremmel tool and a #7 chisel for
removing stuck bearing without even scratching the shaft. I use a small
cutting bit and run the Dremmel at about 1/2 speed (be sure to wear
safety glasses, due to the fact that the wheels love to come apart if
not careful) On bearings that I plan to replace, I first knock off the
bearing cap and remove all the bearings,then I make one cut most of the
way though the bearing. After that is complete, I then carefully place
the chisel in the small cut then lightly tap it with the hammer till it
splits the rest of the way. Then it should come off fairly easy with no
damage to the shaft. I have done this many times and have had no damage
to the shaft. It takes me about 5 mins from start to finish. Gotta go,

Jason Green
Looking for any military Flame Throwers, shotguns, and class 3.
Thanks for your time.

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