[MV] German APC

CHRIS THOMAS (moparacer@thegrid.net)
Fri, 19 Dec 97 11:26:40 PST

I saw this in the January issue of Truck, Race, Cycle, and Rec:

German Armored Personnel Carrier
Full track model H520, 21 ft. long, 33,000 lbs, driver+6 passenger,
six speed auto, excellent condition(looks real good in photo),tracks are =
perfect. $29,500 or trade. Destin, FL (850)650-4300 or (850)830-9463

Just passing info,

Chris T.
Chowchilla, California
'42 CCKW-353 #175485-1 "Tiny's Toy"
'43 Ben-Hur trailer #I1876 JUN43 "Chow Wagon"
'44 CCKW-353 #36073-2 "Chow Town Gal"

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