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Jim Rice (
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 13:04:40 -0600

Hi all,

The author of the book mentioned in the previous postings was indeed
written by Jon Gawne. Jon maintains a website at
At this site, you can find books for sale, plus assorted other items
and lots of neat links to all types of militaria, vehicles, uniforms,
etc. He sells his book for $35 which includes postage, plus you can get
the book signed with an inscription, if so desired.

Jon, is a good guy. I've dealt with him on a couple of transactions and
he is very knowledgeable on the US 20th century soldier and equipment.

Jim Rice
Lawton, Oklahoma

de MIOLLIS Laurent wrote:
> INDUST ELE wrote:
> >
> > Gentlemen,
> > After my last posting, I received a book that some of you may be interested
> > in. It is a collection of COLOR photos from World War Two, mostly ETO. The
> > title of the book is "U.S. ARMY PHOTO ALBUM" by Jonathan Gawne, published by
> > Histoire & Collections, 5 avenue de la Republique, F-75541 Paris Cedex 11
> > France; distributed in the US by Combined Books, Inc. 151 E. 10th Avenue
> > Conshohocken, PA 19248 (ISBN 2-908-182-40-8).
> >
> > I purchased my copy from The Scholar's Bookshelf, 110 Melrich Road, Cranbury,
> > NJ 08512 for $37.95 plus $4.50 handling and shipping. Sent them a PERSONAL
> > CHECK on December 1, and received book by UPS on December 11 th. I think
> > that's great service.
> >
> > Book is 144 pages with generally 2 or 3 color photos per page. Not a "Vehicle"
> > book, mostly uniforms and equipment; but some great shots showing anything
> > from Harley Davidsons, GPA's, CCKW's, DUKW's, on up to armor (some posed but a
> > lot of operational shots). Sorry, not a lot about allies; however if you ever
> > wanted to see WWII in color; this is a great book.
> >
> > I am not connected in any way with the author, seller, or distributor of this
> > book. Just passing along a personal observation, and opinion.
> >
> > Good Luck, Tom Campbell - Birmingham, Alabama USA
> >
> Dear All,
> I recommende too this book, really it's a very good reference one.
> Laurent de Miollis
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