[MV] M151A2 &stuff for sale

tvddan.teresa (tvddan.teresa@mcione.com)
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 22:29:42 -0700

I have a friend of mine that I sold an M151A2. This is one of the few jeeps
that I had bought from a local state agency. This vehicle is one of only a
hand full that have been released buy the DOD "legaly". I paid for the
vehicle twice. Once to the agency I bought it from and the second time to
the DOD. They did not want to try and take these vehicles back from the
people I sold them to, so in my deal with the Fed's they let me pay them
also (since they were never paid by the state agency). Anyway as far as the
US Government is concerned this vehicle is a legaly sold A2 now. NO

Clean vehicle, Marine Corp. Green with yellow markings. Everything works, a
little faded now
Radio Mount Kit & PRC-25 (Reconditioned by Radio Equipment Co.)
Gun Mount Kit
Fording Kit
Convoy Light Kit (original M151)
Soft Enclosure Kit
Hard Top Kit
Siren Kit
Extra Parts:
To many to list item by item.
wheel cilynders
Master cilynders
seat cushions
hose kits
brake hoses
(enough stuff to fill a 3/4 ton trailer) 90% of it NOS

$10,500.00 for all firm

M101A1 Trailer needs a sandblast, Good tailer otherwise. Has racks and

Dan Parmley Jr.
M37 1952 USMC & M101A1 Tailer
XM34 Little John Rocket Launcher
M101 105mm Howitzer (WWII)
M274A1 Mule
M1028 CUCV & M116A2 Trailer
P.S. Always looking for towed guns of some kind.
Tempe, Arizona, USA

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