[MV] How to Identify repro MB bodies

James Burrill (jburrill@dttus.com)
Sun, 21 Dec 97 10:32:27 CST

Hi List!

I just picked up the jeep I bought from a friend yesterday. He bought
the jeep at the same militaria shop the same time I bought a 54 M-37.
I was focused on my truck so only paid half attention to the details
on the jeep.

When I saw it, it was a freshly sandblasted frame with a tub in a
crate. In 1988 this was, and my friend was tickled that the tub was
one of two NOS US Army WWII tubs that came from a dealer in Texas.
Since then, I get the feeling that this story may rank as urban
folklore along with " it was owned by a little old lady who only drove
it on weekends" line. I did see it and the second one in the crates
before it was attached to the frame. As I said, I was wrapped up in my
M-37 and don't remember reading the stenciling on the crate.

How can I identify whether it IS a NOS army body, a Philippine repro,
or a French post war production? Since it is a composite anyway, what
effect on the value would it have? After a quick once-over yesterday,
the body looks good to me!

The ID plates now on it say Willys but they are repros with no numbers
stamped on it.

The motor head says Willys and Jeep, so I guess it's a motor from a

The whole thing was kept in a garage since 1988 but hasn't been driven
in 4 years. There is a little surface rust where the paint was
scratched, but nothing a wire brush and some touch up paint wont fix.
also came with a spare set of combat rims and unused military tires,
as well as the set that is mounted, plus some civvy tires for the
street. Everything else is there except a jack.

What would be a price range for it? What I paid for it reflected some
old favors being settled. I have been talking to a couple of people
about a trade for another vehicle, but I may need to just sell it
outright to get the cash.

Right now, I would just like some information, not offers to buy,


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