Re: [MV] Repro bodies for GPW

Jeff Polidoro (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 06:35:40 -0500

Wally Piroyan writes:

> I have seen several of the reproduction tubs at Willy's Minneapolis and
> have been very impressed by the quality. On the ones I saw, all of the
> holes were drilled out except for 1 or 2 on the dash, otherwise these
> were very nice pieces. Rumor had it, that the ones with "no holes"
> drilled were coming from France.

What impressed you about the quality? And what makes these pieces very

Did you measure any dimensions? When the hood is bolted on will you have
the same overhang over the grille that you have with a real body or does it
overhang the grille 2"? Do the spot welds look the same? Are there the
same number, in the same locations and patterns as original? Did you check
the cross section of the hat channels? Do they match the originals? Are
all panels the same gauge as original? Are all bends the correct radius
and same crispness (or non-crispness) as an original body?

Was the windshield frame on this piece? When you fold the windshield down,
does it lay parallel to the hood or do you need 6" hood blocks to reach the
top of the windshield frame, which is on a 20 degree angle?

The checklist is much longer but my point is... What gives it
"quality"....the fact that it's not rusty? What makes it nice... the fact
that it's easier than fixing an original body?

If those are the parameters, that's absolutely fine but I'd like more
information on the process involved in determining that these are quality
pieces, if it's available.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,


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