[MV] GPW engine block and crank for sale

Lida L. Bensinger (mitymite@juno.com)
Sat, 27 Dec 1997 20:03:59 -0500

A customer of mine has the following he wishes to sell -

GPW engine block and crank, ser. no. 104570, sleeved and bored .030 Will
clean up this time at .040 Crank std, small crack under dist. Chain
drive crankshaft.

Located in Nashville, TN area. I'd get it but it is 900 miles away. If
you wish to make him offers, email me and I'll send his name direct to
you off the list.

D&L Bensinger mitymite@juno.com
2442 Main St.
Narvon, PA 17555
phone and fax (610) 286-9545

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