[MV] Care of vinyl windows in canvas and need for replacement part

Dave (b52d@southwind.net)
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 11:07:19 -0600

I am trying to locate a usable drivers side curtain for an M151A2 jeep. =
Not having a lot of luck calling around the country to the usual sources =
looking for NOS curtains or used good condition.
The clear portion of mine has cracked in several places when I unrolled =
it to install, it had been stored with all the parts I purchased when I =
started building the jeep over a year ago.
It is currently patched with the ever useful O.D. Green duct tape, but =
looks terrible.

This brings to light another question which, given the time of year, =
might be a good topic for the list.

Are there any "Does and Don'ts" for windows on canvas products? Such as =
things not to use to clean them or better yet is there something that =
works for both the windows and the canvas and how does a person store it =
for the summer without having it crack like mine did come the winter? I =
should also be a little more clear about the word "canvas", in my case =
that is the vinyl top, etc..=20

Is it possible to replace the window in the side curtain, it is not sewn =
but glued in some how, and is very brittle.

Dave & Donna Brubaker

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