[MV] Useless Stuff

Joe Baker (edc@tiac.net)
Mon, 29 Dec 1997 19:25:49 -0500

In my time in the military I have found more useless stuff than I can
remember but here goes,

M-151 heaters - didn't put out enough heat to let you know they were
there. We substituted heaters from 5 Ton Trucks mounted between the
front seats.

The Face cushion on the Tank Commander's sights of the M-551 Sheridan -
didn't work at all and I had the bloody face to show for the first
rounds sent down range.

The Missile Computer in the M-551 Sheridan - It didn't work after the
first HEAT round went down range.

The rubber casings on the M-551 Sheridan main gun ammunition - The round
is paper (152 mm) and the rubber is difficult to remove in a hurry and
dangerous not to have on the round when in storage. (I have seen people
killed and injured over this issue)

The "little Joe" wrench on the M-60 Series of Tanks - Didn't do the job
unless you welded a tanker's bar to the end of the wrench to get the
leverage needed for track tension adjustment.

The early 7.62 coax machine guns in the M-60 series tanks - didn't work
well unless the loader supported the rear of the gun. (later replaced by
the Belgium Gun, much improved!)

Infrared Driving lights on any US Military Vehicle - Makes you a hard
target for the other side when they are on, I have used this trick many
times to defeat my opposition in training exercises.

The ROPS system on the M-151 family of vehicles - ineffective and
dangerous in a combat environment.

The lack of windshield and head lamp covers (like issued with West
German Vehicles) to prevent glare from the glass both in the day and
night. (In combat environments the windshields were normally down and
covered, we ended up using unfilled sand bags for this task.)

I could go on, but I need to move on to other stuff...

Joe Baker
Major, Infantry USAR
formerly of the 1/2 ACR

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