[MV] Weasel drive sprockets

Katie Ferencz (drw_fan@ameritech.net)
Tue, 30 Dec 1997 23:20:43 +0000

Greg Aube' of Bristol, CT, is planning to make a production run of
new Weasel drive sprockets. For cost effectiveness, he needs to make
at least 100, however, the more he makes, the cheaper they will be.
Each Weasel requires 4 sprockets, therefore he would like a
commitment from at least 25 potential buyers. He will be able to
produce 2 different versions, one from 4140 steel for higher-wear
resistance, the other from softer, mild steel, as the originals were.
For more information please contact him at:

Greg Aube'
(860)-589-1965 evenings

Please pass this info along to anyone you may know who owns a Weasel,
or is considering purchasing one in the future.

John Ferencz

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