[MV] Army Surplus

gordon (gordon@bc1.com)
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 23:17:29 -0800

I was the orginal poster of this subject. I posted this in the hopes of
finding out whether or not it was a scam. It was not my intention to bad
mouth this person or his web site. I was looking for info and input i have
gotten alot back. And i thank you all for that. This best one i got back
was to do my homework and thats what i was tryin to do here. It seems that
some people have got off the beaten track of this post.

I would like to know of any good books or information concerning the
Willys jeep or the GPW ford i think it is? I have search all of my libaries
locally and there are really no help at all. I have seen pictures of many
jeeps online but not alot of info concerning models numbers and such. For
now this is what i need to find in order to figure out what jeep would suit
me best for a restore project.

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