Re: [MV] M-880, CARC

Alan Bowes (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 10:12:58 -0600

CARC paints were two-part catalyzed finishes that created a tightly sealed
surface to reduce absorption of various chemical substances. There were several
varieties, of varying composition.

If you are sandblasting the old paint, be sure to wear an approved respirator to
avoid breathing the dust, which might be toxic. Likewise, if you are using
chemical strippers, use an approved respirator (mostly because of the fumes from
the stripper).

Here's a bit of information on CARC paint for those who are interested:

Alan wrote:

> I'm still looking for a good military M-880 in CARC woodland cammo paint. It
> must be full military, (or not far from it), and in good running order. Can
> someone please help? Also can a civilian get real CARC paint? If so where
> and how much$? Is it worth the money and time?
> Ed

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