Re: [MV] Carc paint - M880 - Precautions

Alan Bowes (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 13:32:34 -0600

Just thought I'd add that ALL automotive paints, even the new water-based ones,
should be considered highly toxic.

In the case of CARC paint, some of the formulations apparently contained toxic
heavy metals. Even if some of the CARC formulations might not have contained
heavy metals, it's obviously safest to just assume that they did and take the
appropriate precautions.

Personally, I'd just go ahead and use a modern automotive paint system and not
worry about matching exact CARC specifications. Besides, a lot of new paint
systems use two-part catalyzed finishes that probably offer as good (if not
better) protection than the old CARC formulas. And, the newer paints are
lower-VOC mixtures that are less harmful to the environment (but still
potentially dangerous).

Bottom line: You should obtain the official safety information sheets about each
paint product that you use (available from your paint supplier) and follow the
instructions to the letter.


Chuck Chriss wrote:

> All sources agree that CARC is extremely
> toxic when fresh AND WHEN REMOVED. The military uses specially built,
> ventilated facilities for paint removal and the resulting dust, solids and
> liquids are considered HAZMAT. Personnel must wear respirators, protective
> clothing etc.
> So be very careful with removal operations if you have to do it at all. The
> warnings include FATAL IF INGESTED and severe irritations on contact.
> chuck

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