[MV] M37 axles

Dave Cole (DA_Cole@compuserve.com)
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 18:59:32 -0400

Message text written by King
>Does any one know of any company or person that can make a stronger than=

stock axle or even an unbreakable one for the M37?

There are a number of axle builders out there that will make axles to sui=
The one that comes to mind right now is Moser in Portland, IN. But ther=
are a number of others as well. Check out a 4x4 magazine such as Off Roa=
etc. Moser might want to sell you some Dana axles, ie the complete
housing and all but I'm sure that they can probably just make axle shafts=

for you also.

Good Luck,


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