Rick Green (rgreen@mail.datasys.net)
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 20:04:00 -0700

Can't fit anymore stuff into my storage area, so gotta sell some.

1. Complete in the box PRC-25/77 veh. mounting kit, includes all the
ground straps, mics, headphones, mounts, cables, box weighes about 45
lbs, all you need to mount your PRC 25 or 77. Lots of stuff inside, box
has been opened to confirm completeness.


2. M series vehicle class plate, you know the plate for the front of
the vehicle that has the two numbers to show the weight of the truck.
NOS in box, OD in color


3. M72A2 66mm AT aka LAW, in excellent condition, all stickers present
and in mint shape, very few paint chips, has straps, works (aka will put
out the charge, would rate on 1-10 scale as a 9. These are getting
very hard to find in good condition.


4. HUGE, I MEAN HUGE, WW2 Cammo netting, would cover about 3 shermans,
has to weigh about 60 lbs, new condition, and not faded, stored inside
and only use one time, would prefer to keep it intact, but it is too
big for me.

$50 Would prefer if you come here to pick up.

Jason Green
hahira ga.

912-794-3566 8-10 Am 9-12 pm EST

All prices are subject to bartering, and acceptable to trades, (small
stuff of course) Would like to trade for Weasel parts.

Thanks and have a fun 4th.


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