[MV] Probable EXTREMELY early GPW found

Thu, 02 Jul 1998 18:13:28 CDT

You guys are probably thinking I am full of shit at this point, but I am
becoming completely amazed at the early WWII MV's I've been running
across through my own findings, or through my local friends. I found my
scripted GPW #48315 16 July 42 about 30 miles west of here. My Chevy 1
1/2 ton #2615 10 Dec '40 came from about 30 miles southeast of here. I
posted last week about my friend considering purchasing GPW #1835 along
with a scripted body on another jeep. OK--here is the latest one that
floored me:

A buddy of mine called to tell me he's located another GPW. He let me
talk to the friend of his who actually saw the jeep. This guy has owned
two GPW's in the past. He got to look at it, and noted the willys
crossmember and scripted body. He saw the engine was out of it and it
appeared to be undergoing a restoration of some kind. He checked the
data plates, which were somewhat hard to read but he believed original.
He could not read the serial, but the date of delivery was 2-4-42--4 Feb
42. He did not think to check for the frame stamp because he didn;t
think willys framed GPW's had the stamp.

We are planning an expedition this weekend to go see it--maybe I can get
some pictures of it. The guy who looked at it has owned two GPW's in
the past--so he isn't exactly a novice at it. I will post information
as I discover it. I don;t know if it is for sale or not--we'll know
more this weekend I hope.

Amazing huh? Tim

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