[MV] Willys, Bantam & other ilk serial numbers, of same body style.

John Edwards (ozjeep@hutch.com.au)
Fri, 03 Jul 98 18:44:56 PDT

Hi folks,

I'm trying to find if anyone out there (in MV land), has a Willy MBT or =
Bantam T3 type trailer lookalike that has either a nomenclature plate oth=
er than MBT/T3, or knows the body /chassis number, for certain.

For those that don't know the body/chassis number(in a few cases) just =
happens to be stamped in such a way that when the front, left hand spring=
hanger is bolted on, hey presto, where's the body number gone ! Minor =
design issue I suppose.

Now, my body/chassis number is in the 90000 range and this is well above =
the normal Willys or Bantam serial number range. From what I've seen arou=
nd 35000 - 65000 is gnerally seen.

Does this mean that my trailer (>90000) is a Strick, Checker, Converto, =
Fruehauf or Pacific MBT/T3 trailer ?

All ideas & comments, welcome.


John E (Sydney Australia, home of the 2000 Olympiad ~ aren't we lucky =
! ?)

MVPA # 16763 Ford '42 Script, Thing MBT/T3 trailer, Ford '45 Aust No4 tra=

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