[MV] Antenna Location on M-37

Henry J. Fackovec (fackovec@nycpd.com)
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 21:26:34 -0400

Hey all!

I am going to mount an antenna on my 53 M-37, this weekend. I have the proper base mount (AB 243)and the AB15/GR mast base, sections, etc...

The question is where is the base to be located?

My observations and experimentation seems to indicate that it straddles the bracket for the top bow tie down straps (From the shape of the notch on the inner side of the bracket) but how high should the bracket be mounted?

If any of you guys have a TM or can run out back and measure I would be 1000% appreciative.

A happy and safe 4th to all.


BTW: As far as a tie down for the antenna, I have only seen one period picture with the antenna tied down ( On a shelter carrier ) and the antenna was tied to the rear with two ropes forming an inverted "G" to the rear tarp tie points.

Has any one seen any documentation to indicate any other arrangements?


How is the rope attache4d to the antenna? Just a loop, or is there a clip as on the later antennas?

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