Re: [MV] Motorcycle Manufacturer.

Jim Corcoran (
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 08:23:50 -0600

Ben P. Fisher, Jr. wrote:
>While I was on my walk tonight got to thinking back 40+ years when I was
>in the Air Force and we had a vehicle called a Servicycle.

Here's a website for Simplex Servi-Cycle collectors:

I restored a couple of Cushman M53 Airbornes several years ago and spent
some time with the local Cushman motorscooter club and there seemed to be
quite a few servi-cycles still around. I even saw a nice one at an antique
tractor show this past weekend.

I'm curious if the servi-cycles you had on the flight line were civilian
models or if they had been militarized in any way (painted AF blue, OD,

BTW, I was in the Air Force 30+ years ago and we didn't have Servi-Cycles
or any other transportation on the flight line. Except when we could beg a
ride on the flight crews' bread truck, we got to walk.

Regards, Jim.

Jim Corcoran
Austin, Texas

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