Re[2]: [MV] Motorcycle Manufacturer.

James Burrill (
04 Jul 1998 21:24:05 -0500

I am surprised to hear that!!
I was Navy flight crew on EC-130 Hercs from 1977 until 1990 and
straight C-130s until I retired in 1993.

From my observation,the Airforce assigned you a truck automaticlly
when you made E-4!

Seriously, though, I remember seeing three wheeled Cushmans on
Airforce bases as supply runners, but never on the flight line. There
it was alvays full sized pickup trucks (for Air Police) or the
ubiqious step vans. On Navy flight lines we would use these trucks for
each launch and all the ground crew would try to huddle inside when
the weather was rough. As flight crew in the TACAMO program, we would
have assigned one for the Alert crew. At home plate, Supply always had
a yellow stepvan and Maint. Control also.

As the man said, if you couldn't bum a ride in one of those, it was
Shank's ponies to get around on the flight line. All those WWII movies
of guys with bicycles everywhere never made it to the 1970s.

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