[MV] Re: GPW headlight flicker

Sun, 5 Jul 1998 17:41:58 EDT

In a message dated 7/5/98 10:15:16 AM EST, buzzm@reno.rmci.net writes:

<< There is no electrical connection between the dimmer switch and
the body. I suspect your problem was, and maybe still is, a loose
connection on the dimmer switch. I recommend that you remove,
clean, and replace ALL the electrical connections. I also use
anti-sieze compound on all of my electrical connections,
Buzz >>
Wondered about that myself since I didn't think that was a ground location but
hey it worked and is still working so I am not complaining. I had already
checked all the electrical connections at the dimmer switch, the lights, the
junction blocks, the light switch, the pinch points with the body and clutch
pedal, everything was clean and tight.
But like Murphy's Laws of combat says: "If it is stupid, but it works, it
isn't stupid."

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