[MV] MB seats + other ?

Juho Paaso (jmpaaso@dlc.fi)
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 11:23:47 +0300

Hello listers!
A couple questions:

I am slowly restoring a 43 MB and currently need detailed photos ,
drawings whatever of the seats on the above said vehicle. Neither of
Ray Cowderys books have any pictures that are of help. So if there is
anyone who can send me .jpg's or .gif's I'd appreciate it. Currently I
suspect that the seat frames are all original but with all of the
previous owners the trend appears to have been to add more foam and
padding allover...So now its a question of how much to stip off. Also
the rear seat frame seems to be badly eaten away by time so I might have
to "farbricate" Paaso originals... :)

Second Question: can anyone tell me the histories of two British
Military Motorcycles. Namely The "Triumph TRW" and the "BSA M-20 SOLO "?
Or if there are any good books about those two ? I know a bit about the
TRW though but not as much as like to and as for the BSA I have'nt found
anything on it besides the maintenance manual. ANY help would be much

**Just a note that may or may not be of interest to soemone out there:
all of the above mentioned were ex-pakistan military .

Juho Paaso

'43 MB '42-'48 (?) BSA "SOLO" M-20 '58 Triumph TRW ---------------------------------------------- Get a new perspective on life! Visit: http://www.dlc.fi/~jmpaaso


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