RE [MV] 151A1 Flooding

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (
Mon, 6 Jul 98 06:30:22 EDT

Welcome to the wonderful M151 fuel system!

The problem may be (as in mine) with the vacume accelerator pump in the carb.
When you step on the gas, the vacume drops and the accelerator pump injects a
little more gasoiline. Of course the other time that the vacume drops is when
the motor stops 8-) As the motor stops, the accelerator pump inject some more
gasoline (just what you need on a hot summers day!).

I have found no way around this except to remove the carb to air cleaner hose
for the summer. Motors are still cheap and the thought of burning out the
starter or running the batteries dead out someplace inappropriate does not sit
well with me.


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