[MV] M-37 restart update

Mike and Cheryl (mleaton@netins.net)
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 17:09:35 -0500

Hello list, thanks again for all you help. have a couple questions, but
a vehicle update. The 1952 M-37 that set for 3 years is running again. Even
had a little test drive. Had to drain out 12 gallons of milky old gas. Blew
out fuel lines. Used Marvel Mystery oil in cylinders, and changed oil.
inline clear fuel filter. Decided sludge in pan was minimal, so I will use
engine flush when I change oil this week. All gauges working and reading
good oil pressure. Brakes were for slowing down but not for stopping in a
hurry. Engine really smoked from the marvel oil in cylinders and I think it
may have been a little over full but after 2 minutes and the cloud cleared
it ran like a sewing machine.
The original pulley have been changed and the water pump and crank shaft
a 4 groove (for 4 belts) pulleys, that hold a smaller width belt. the
has a smaller single groove pulley with 8 washers behind it for spacers.
only using one belt now to power generator and water pump. works fine
for now but would there be any military reason for doing this?

Also the manifold heat control valve adjusting lever is in the half way
set nut plus bolt look ready to break off if I touch it. Is the stud
or is welded to manifold. Is this an ok position to run in Iowa summer?

52 M-37 born again 7-5-98

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