[MV] Military Collectables

Gary Halcom (haldg@cyberhighway.net)
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 19:44:59 -0600

List members:

I'am looking for collectable information and possible value of several
books and other items.

1. How the Japanese Army Fights (Penquin Special and publisher)
Date 1942 Infantry Journal Inc.

2. New Ways of War (Tom Wintringham) Date 1942 (Penguin Publisher)

3. 'Yank' Levy Guerrilla Warefare (Penquin Publisher)
Infantry Journal Date 1942

4. Basic Field Manual Interior Guard Duty
Co. C, 24th Bn
Date 1942

5. TUCO Deluxe Picture Puzzle
Willys Jeep Towing Fighter Plane
300-500 pieces no date but in the forties....

Any information would be appreciated. They are in like new condition...

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