[MV] WC-53 driver seat towers

JOHN SEIDTS (john@astory.com)
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 00:20:20 -0000

I am currently having seat towers manufactured for the WC-53 Carryall.
This is the trapezoidal shaped piece which acts as the mounting point for
the driver seat. These are typically rusted out with the floors. The
pieces are hand-built in the US, not overseas, and are made of galvanized
steel. It welds well with the old mild steel of original pieces, and is a
slightly improved design which looks the same from the outside. Price on
the seat towers is $100.00 plus shipping. I am also getting ready to make
the following pieces for the Carryall: Battery trays, replacement hinges
for battery covers, door repair kits(in the design stage right now), and
CARRYALL FLOORS. The floors are also an improvement over the originals-
the rear channel for the armored cable is reinforced, drilled, and graded
to let water out.
The towers are the only things in production now. The floors will be
available by the end of August.

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