[MV] RE 6v starter, 12v battery

Dr Deuce 264-0909 (keith@apache.ENET.dec.com)
Tue, 7 Jul 98 07:01:41 EDT

One thing to stress is that you cannot buy battery cables from a local auto
store for a 6v system. With 6v, the wiring has to be twice as big to carry the
current. You need to fabricate cables out of welding cable to make a dulpicate
of the original cables.
That being the case, using the auto part store 12v cable with a 6v
starter and 12v battery gives a degree of protection to the starter by means of
the resistance in the battery cable(s). You don't actually get 12v at the
starter, especially if the battery is located a distance away.
This is also a problem too. You really need to connect your ignition
feed directly from the battery instead of from the starter motor. The lowered
battery voltage at the starter can cause starting problems when used for the
ignition feed with a now 12v coil or 6v coil with a resistor.


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