Re: [MV] Wanted: INERT Hawk Missle for display

Douglas Greville (
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 17:29:09 +0930

Steven and Allan Bowes

> >purchased a Hawk Missle Transporter vehicle and would like to buy an
> >Hawk Missle to display with the vehicle, Thanks guys

> Where's the fun in that?
> In any case, aren't some versions of the Hawk still in the inventory?
> if
> so, you may have real trouble.

I don't know if you blokes get "Wheels and Tracks" magazine, but about
2 years ago Budge Military were offering for sale Scud missile transport
vehicles (those huge multi axle Russian things) complete with inert
Scud missiles!
As far as I know the missile was the only part of the set up that
was non-operational; the truck was roadable.

That would make the locals look!


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