Re: [MV] star

Joe Baker (
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 10:00:51 -0400

By the same token, I commanded a tank that didn't have any stars on it
at all (it was in the US inventory at the time). And I don't recall any
of the vehicles in the 2nd ACR during my tour in 77 through 80 that had
a star.

In Vietnam there were vehicles with stars and vehicles without stars,
all int he same command. Then again I remember 151s painted with gloss
od green paint and others with the standard flat od paint again all in
the same command...I remember waxing the Battalion Commander's 151 with
the gloss od paint a number of times...

Later in the Guard none of the vehicles sported a star...So it really
depended upon the commander's desire...

Joe Baker
Major, Infantry.

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