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At 08.02 08/07/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Raimondo L. Torelli schrieb:
>> I am listing here the ones I have in my personal library. I would like to
>> point out that they are NOT technical manuals
>> but historical books with many black & white photos.
>> - F. Abel "The Kettenkrad"
>> Schiffer Publ. Ltd., 1991, 48 pp., SB
>> ISBN 3-7909-0219-5 $ 7.95
>Dear Raimondo,
>you know, the NSU Kettenkrad or Kettenkraftrad is not a motorbike, it
>is a small halftrack tractor with a motorbike front fork.
>For some advertising pictures of German WW2 motorbikes have a look
>at my homepage:
>Regards from cold wet Germany

Dear Andreas,
I know that the Ket (kettenkrad) is not a motorbike but as "he" is the ONLY
one of its "specie" I do not like to consider it a sort of "hybrid" so I
have taken the liberty of cataloguing it in the motorcycles. After all, it
is not an halftrack but, perhaps, an... "half-moto-track"?
I like the Ket very much and I did check your website, made prints
(including the one on the hand crank!) and inserted them in the Ket book.
As you know I also collect 1/32 (54 mm) die cast models and I have the one
by the British Britains firm (a collector item, no longer manufactured).

Going to Beltring? I hope next year you may be able to bring your Ket! I
wish to go there... Well, perhaps in the future, who knows?
Regards from hot (I said HOT!) Italy

Raimondo L. Torelli - MVPA
Naples - Italy

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