[MV] Re: Star in WWII..BRIT/US

Gordon.W.I. McMillan (gwim2@student.open.ac.uk)
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 07:59:53 +0100

Anything is possible, Jim, but I'd think along the lines of;

"Right then, you 'orrible little men ! get some 15" stars all over
these 25,000 trucks by lunchtime ! "

which may well explain why star size and placement is a little less
formal. My observation of 'point towards the screen' came from US Army
regulations AR 850, and information doesn't get any better than an
offical army instruction / publication.

Anyone know offhand if vehicles came from the factory with white stars,
or if it was just U.S.A. numbers. ?

Ever noticed how there was a lot of variety in the circles round about
the stars later in the war ? I've always thought of it this way;
they started putting stars on (GMC doors for example) then the drivers
noticed that the more white paint was there the less friendly fire they
attracted in normal use, so stars in segmented circles arrived
(obviously the segmentation was so that the stencil wouldn't fall
apart) After a few more months of use the survivors had to repaint the
signs, and just ran over the circles with a brush, so the circles
became cruder, larger, and the segmentation gaps disappeared. It has
already been commented on that many people were killed by being run
down / into by trucks in the blackout in the UK, so the tendency was
for more and more white paint to be used on edges, corners, bumpers,
etc and this applies to signs too. Gordon 8-)

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