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Thu, 9 Jul 1998 08:30:11 -0000

> Did you see the A&E show on WWII PT Boats? There was a fellow who
> a restored WWII boat "PT-78" I think. Is the owner on-line amongst

> I wonder what military boat community consists of?
> I know of the Liberty Ship Jerimiah O'Brian in San Francisco and
> another Liberty ship on the east coast, but the name escapes me at
> moment.

The East Coast one is the SS John W. Brown. It is parked here in
Baltimore. Unfortunately, the city seems to not like the boat or its crew
(who are the nicest, most public friendly bunch of guys there could be)

There are plenty of PT boats out there, but most of them are beached hulls
with water running in and out of them.

We have a 1943 Kreigsmarine patrol boat for sale right now. It has combat
history, and the manufacturer is still in business. Photos can be found at

> What else is out there?
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