[MV] MB or GPW with welder

Mark C. Johnson (pjohnson@ezonline.com)
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 21:10:28 -0400

Hello all,
I just rcieved a line on a 1943 jeep with a 24 V welder on the back of it.
I remember reading about welders on jeeps in a recent Military Vehicles
Magazine but cant find it right now. I recall that there was a 24 V version
in WWII according to the artical. My question is how many of these things
are there around? I have a fair idea of the jeeps value but not with a
welder. If this thing is only a few hundred bucks is it worth having? I
have a feeling that it will probably be rather cheep. It is one of the
deals where it has been in a barn since the owner bought it after the war.
I don't need a project right now but may find room for a real oddball.

Mark C. Johnson
1952 M38A1 (2)
1966 CJ5 soon to install a 55 CJ5 wrecker boom and setup
Harrisburg Pa

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